It has been a while since I have posted on my blog, and I apologize. Both, to you who I truly appreciate more than you know, and to myself, because I really love doing this blog. So, with the best intentions, I am back in the space that I love.

The past year has been extremely successful commercially, and I have been very blessed with twin grandsons due to arrive in December. I also have a new grand dog Killian. He is a gorgeous silver Lab.

I have had so much fun capturing images for expectant mothers, brides, beautiful families and seniors about to head off to college. It has been an absolute blast.

I have learned a lot about myself as a photographer and digital artist. Everyone thinks you have to have a niche to be successful. I can honestly see where that is important, but it is also a rut. Photograph what you love, stretch your wings, and keep photography and art a passion, and not a chore.

I love what I do, both as an artist, and a Radiation Therapist treating cancer patients.

My best advice is just to follow your dreams and love what you do.

Sarah with the Unicorn (a commissioned work)sarah with unicornfinal web

Killian, Bucky, and my son Trevor


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