Summertime heat


It is so incredibly hot down here in SW Florida, but I am still on the journey of self discovery. I attended my first yoga class Saturday morning, and attended is a great descriptive word.  I knew that I had been struggling with severe side effects from many of the medicines that I am on, but this class made me realize how out of touch with my own body and spiritual core that I have become. I was able to “attend” but not truly let go and find the path that was intended. And, yes, it was a “gentle” yoga class, still it was an incredible struggle for me- though I did feel better for doing it. It really made me harden my resolve to stay true to myself on this life journey and strengthen myself. So much personal work still needs to be done. And, yes, I will definitely be joining more yoga classes, and truly attempting to “join” and not simply attend.

I am determined to find a peaceful and balanced existence, and to get my health back on track without all of the many medicines I have to be on to survive. I know that I am capable of doing this, the journey has just been insanely rocky lately.

I love to explore this beautiful place that I live in, it speaks to my soul and I hope to share the wonderful joy that I experience with all of you.

When I am out here, in this hot, humid gorgeous place- I breathe in slowly and try to hold onto the all of the wonderful things that I feel in my soul. It is just like the moment in the movie “Titanic” when the heroine is standing at the bow of the ship and she spreads her arms out and closes her eyes- absorbing every bit of the incredible beauty of that moment.

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Breathe in the majesty, hold it, relish it, and slowly breathe out only negativity- letting joy and peace fill your soul.

Namaste, dear friends

creatively yours,

Mary Michelle




  1. I bet it is hot and humid in Florida dear Mary. Luckily it is not too humid here in southern Spain, but the days are scorching around 40° C. Get well soon my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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