one of those days

Cooling off in the Springs! It is some kind of hot down here in Florida- you step outside and just melt. This guy has the right idea though, it is time for water activities, I just need a water proof casing for my gear. He was having an absolute party out there, squaking and splashing, and at least this guy didn’t glare at me for hanging around and taking his picture. He just thought I was nuts for standing out in the sun sweating to death.


But this little guy just wouldn’t take the leap. It’s funny, I can relate to both of these situations, some days I have no problem leaping in and shaking things off, and then other days I just can’t seem to jump in and commit. I am trying to do more of the former and just enjoy who I am, and the world around me. I am hoping to get up in the mid Florida region next weekend for some hiking and photography- but it will definitely be early in the day!!


  1. How wonderful to be that close to an Osprey! What a delight to see one cooling off in the water.
    The reflection of the Blue Heron is wonderful.
    I just couldn’t stop wondering if any second an alligator would pop up and eat them! That would be a cool shot though. πŸ™‚

    Stay cool!

    • I have been so lucky with Ospreys this summer, last week I was about 10 feet from one sitting on a fence post. I think the same thing about the birds and gators! I just can’t believe one didn’t pop up for a quick snack 😳 have a great week dear friend ❀️

      • I’m way over due for a visit to FL to see my Mom and do some birding. He-Man and I are talking about coming in late Summer/early Fall this year. Birding and doing some nature and landscape photography is on the top of my list. I hope I see Osprey up close. Another friend who visits there says they’re all over FL and not nearly as skittish as they are here.

        I’d like to see and photograph a gator, but from a safe distance! πŸ™‚

      • There are Ospreys everywhere here in SW Florida, and all the gators you could wish for! If you are in the SW Florida region Trafford Lake airboats are the best airboat tour around and they have TONS of gators and wildlife. I have been chased by a gator and that was terrifying, I had lived here 20 years and that had never happened, but I was hiking trails in Lee county during alligator mating season and I walked into a bull gators territory. Needless to say- I enraged him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I found out that this girl can still run- even carrying 25 pounds of camera gear!!

      • OH MY! What time of year was that? Spring? I’m glad you got away to tell the tale!

        I think I’ll be primarily in the SW region my Mom is in Oldsmar (Sp)? She says there’s tons of birds there.

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