Thankful for my photog assistant!


(struggles of an assistant to put up with a creative, lol!)

These are light test shots that my assistant poses for in my photo shoots. I thought it would be fun to carricature them :)  He loves them!

These are light test shots that my assistant poses for in my photo shoots. I thought it would be fun to caricature them 🙂 He loves them! (that is what I tell myself) He tries to pretend we are not on a crowded beach setting up a shoot. He is trying to be funny so I will quit making him stand in front of the camera. For someone that hates to be the center of attention, I think he is handling this well. he is really trying to pretend he is somewhere else! I think at this point he was singing crazy pirate songs.

PA for web


Well, we survived Halloween. I am a little sad that it went by so quickly. I absolutely love all the ghouls and goblins, and scary things that come out. It makes my imagination go wild 🙂

But, now we are entering a thankful season, and I want to give a huge shoutout to my photog assistants! You have seen Trevor in many of my previous posts, but Christopher is a shy guy and tends to hide. So, this post is in honor of this huge, shy man, and all of the incredible things he has helped me out with.

He is a gentle giant, with massive strength, and lots of concern for my well being. He lugs around tons of gear for me constantly, and always puts up with my exposure testing in photo shoots (hence, the silly pics above where he is trying to not be a model- he thinks this part is awful and will shake his head at this post) To me, his help is such a big thing down here in the 90+ degree Florida heat (in late October) with the harsh sunlight- between the labor and the modeling-he has a brutal job. But, I don’t know what I would do without him. We are going to scout out an outdoor wedding photoshoot this weekend ( the wedding is the following weekend) so his modeling career will continue, lol. He is hoping that I don’t bring props,… sometimes he just does not appreciate my sense of humor. So, I won’t mention the size 4X wedding dress and extra long veil, 🙂  🙂 It is going to make for some amazing pictures!

Chris is my oldest son, and is always reminding me of my mortality, (he saves me from myself even when I try to ignore him- he is a BIG guy) when I attempt crazy ideas.

(for those that know me well- I am extremely accident prone- refer back to previous posts with me in a boot, and one day I will tell you the story of me crashing a segway going up a mountain trail in Colorado that resulted in a few broken bones)

Chris also has a vast knowledge of the Florida swampland and helps me locate beautiful plantlife, and wildlife in this beautiful state. He is also a part of the local semi-pro football team the Florida Veterans, which gives me the opportunity to photograph some amazing football players in action.

So, today- I am thankful for Christopher.

I appreciate you, son. (and love you, immensely)

I hope this week is treating all of you well!

Creatively yours,

Mary Michelle


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