Football is finally back!

Football is finally back!

Well, one of my favorite seasons has finally returned, FOOTBALL SEASON!! Yay 🙂 specifically college football season. The image above is a picture I took and designed for Christopher Holley, Right Offensive Lineman for the Florida Veterans semi pro football team last week. I love it! He looks like such a beast 🙂

Winner of the Family Fantasy Football league with trophy cup

Winner of the Family Fantasy Football league with trophy cup

We started our family fantasy football league again- 3rd year. I am the current 2 time champion!!! (which infuriates my 3 sons and husband because I am a football newbie) Yes, my name is engraved on the back twice with the winning year! 🙂

Well, I am finally done with my rebranding. My new business name is Imagery Freak, we specialize in any image that makes your heart sing. Sports, family portraits, landscapes, digital art. If you need an image, we will take it, create it, and even design it. Freelance work is our specialty. I even designed a logo, and tagline for the business. This has been a process that has lasted 6 months. (and I am so thankful I have finally gotten to this point)


Now, that I have some of the business side done, I can go back to creating art, and taking pictures! If you would like to visit my new portfolio site, the website is

I am going to be updating all of my galleries soon, so keep your eye out for new stuff!

Have a fabulous Labor Day, folks!!

creatively yours,

Mary Michelle


    • Thank-you so much! 🙂 ❤ I am so sorry it took me a while to respond, I took a two week vacation and I have been out photographing MS, TN and GA. It was so much fun (almost 80 GB of pictures taken! LOL!) I really appreciate your feedback, it seems like it is always a work in progress~

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