Testing Light Rigs

Testing Light Rigs

Things are moving right along with my new art series. I am known for my absolute lack of any type of patience, so this process has really been challenging for me. I have forced myself to pace things and to really dedicate time and attention to every little detail.

The first step was to plot out the storyline for the series. In the last dream series I let the images create the story, which worked to a point, the images were interesting enough-

(I almost used the word fascinating, but then on reflection it hit me that I might have been the only one other than my mother who had been fascinated by them, haha!)

but, the whole project lost focus and strength to me because of the lack of a solid story. So, now after several weeks of torturing my family and friends with the new story, I am ready to move forward. I have also been collecting costumes and props for the images, along with makeup, body paint, etc.

Last night consisted of  several hours of studio set up, and light testing. My awesome assistant/bagboy/model/techie/carpenter/creator and son- Trevor again came through for me. I have a specific idea for the lighting I want in these images and he built light boxes for me that fit the specifications I was looking for. Yes, I could have bought something that would have worked, but I love to create every aspect of the image I design and Trevor shares that creativity. He also built a backdrop for me to use a year ago that has been an amazing asset in my photography. The image above is one of the test shots from last night that I used to test the lighting. Of course, I had to play with it in post processing because that is my favorite part!

Today is going to be fun, I am about to start work on one of my models, the hair and makeup session is next, and then costuming. After that, we go to the studio area to start capturing dreams.

Here are a few shots from my Iphone that I took during the setup process.

IMG_1387 IMG_1395 IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1407


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