Moments in My Life with a camera

_A5A1095 for web _A5A1100 for web _A5A1103 for web _A5A1104 for web _A5A1128 for webLast night I went to Myakka State Park to practice with my new camera, hoping to get some great sunset shots. I was blessed to come around a corner of the path to be met by a doe with her fawn. She stood about twenty feet away and just studied me for several minutes, twitching her ears while her baby hid in the underbrush much further away. He was still covered in small white spots. The baby is shown in the last picture, peeking at me through the foliage.

I softly talked to her, and she studied me carefully for what seemed like such a long time. Then, she gracefully turned and leapt away, searching for quieter areas.

These images are not composites, or my digital art. These are simply images from moments in my life with a camera.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends- and always look for the adventures that surround us!

Mary Michelle


    • She was about 30 feet away from me! I was scared to breathe, I didn’t want to startle her. After several minutes of her just staring at me and twitching her ears, I started to talk to her very quietly. She stayed for a few brief minutes, the turned and gracefully trotted away. She was magnificent. The baby was about 50-60 feet away in the underbrush peeping at me throughout the foliage.

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