Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true.

I have been spending a lot of time lately working on my photography skills, and I have neglected my digital art. This piece has been lurking in my imagination for a while. It is a copyrighted image that I have created consisting of 7 different photographs. All of the photographs used were my own photography except for the actual mask. The basic mask is a purchased stock photo, I added the beads, ribbons, silk fabric, handle and sparkler- all separate images. The background image is a photograph I took in Savannah, Georgia at dawn- overlooking the river. The model is a dear friend that has posed for me on several different occasions in my studio. She is a stunning woman, and I am lucky to have her model for me.

This piece took me approximately three days to finish, about 20 hours of work total. I think that it has become one of my favorite pieces so far.

Tomorrow takes me back out into the field, camera ready. I have a new graphic novel that I am ready to start. I will be previewing it here. Here is to new starts– and to

— Dreams Do Come True!!!!!!

Cheers friends, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mary Michelle


  1. Mary Michelle, again I find another blog I somehow am no longer following. I just refollowed you. I would not have noticed if you had not stopped by at Petals, so I really thank you. I follow so many blogs it isn’t funny.
    This image ….. you get a HUGE wow from me. Par excellence! I truly wish I had the time to do more with my work then I do now, yet with so many other aspects of my life, it just is not possible now. You give me HOPE that someday I will be where you are. I wish you every success because your work is truly precious and stunning! Love, Amy ❤

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