Juvenile Bald Eagle taken in Charlotte county, FloridaMy imagination is in this beautiful space that I came across last weekend when I was on a photoshoot in the marshlands here in Charlotte county, Florida. I have been putting off starting a new image all morning, visiting other’s blogs, checking Facebook, reading emails, and drinking way too much coffee. So, in one more last ditch evasion, I am creating a post on my own blog. Then, I am going to return to my artwork and forge a new creation. (hopefully)

This picture was unplanned, my goal was to shoot the blood moon. I was setting up my tripod in the mud and taking test shots, when my oldest son whispered to me to freeze, and then directed my attention to the top of one of the nearby trees. A beautiful juvenile Bald Eagle was watching us curiously. I managed to get a few shots before he flew away. he was absolutely magnificent. The whole time I was whispering- “please, please, please don’t let me screw up these shots! Let at least one image not suck!” Such a beautiful moment in time and thankfully, there were several decent images even though I am not a wildlife photographer.

Thankfully, my “boot” didn’t slow me down too much, even though sugar sand and swamp mud is fun to clean up afterwards. The time spent out there was refreshing and good for my soul. No cute selfies of my toes laying on the beach, this girl gets active and hunts for beauty around us.


Well, time’s up. I have to focus on the new piece. I think this one will be a conceptual art piece. I have been focusing on the photography and landscape images lately and I need a little whimsy today.

Mary Michelle


    • Thank you so much! I was totally freaking out praying that at least one of the 300 shots I took would turn out, lol! I had my camera set to spray and pray so with one press of the shutter- 10 frames were captured. It was amazing to see this beautiful creature 🙂

    • It was amazing 🙂 Florida has a lot of Bad Eagles. We saw his mother flying away, and another Bad Eagle earlier at a different location, but is was pretty far from us. I do feel lucky to live here 🙂

  1. A beautiful shot! It’s true there’s so much beauty around us, it’s difficult not to go look for it…but you did it with your booty. That’s remarkable!

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