Tropical Notes

This is an image I created named ‘Tropical Notes’. It is a composite image consisting of three photographs. The main photo was taken in North Florida, the antique piano and stool inhabit my living room. I took separate shots of them to incorporate into this image. Tropical Notes is one of my Nature Series images. I featured the first image in this series several posts back- Tropical Retreat.

Isn’t it a beautiful place to escape too? To me, it is a place that one searches for when in need of a peaceful escape, a remote break from the world. You could easily climb along the trunk of that wonderful lazy Live Oak tree, and then relax along its massive limbs, peering out over the tropical scrub brush hoping to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Florida panthers.

This has been another crazy, busy week. As the Florida Veterans semi-pro football team approach their Championship playoffs, I am working on more banners featuring all of the players honoring their perfect season. I was able to get a lot of amazing shots at their last regular game last night (hobbling up and down the sidelines on my walking boot cast– thank-goodness the Doc finally let me off the crutches!!), and then tonight I took pictures of my daughter-in-law’s flag football team. They want poster/banners, too.

I meant to post earlier, but with working on all of that, and physical therapy for my foot, time slipped away.

I did manage to get in a good bit of time studying the past several days between all of that football stuff. I spend a lot of time on and also They both have a lot of excellent resources for photographers and digital artists. Scott Kelby, the founder of KelbyOne is great, I have kept up with his work for years as he built an amazing business. I have always seen him as someone who is very successful and on top of his game, someone who seemed to be right where he wanted to be with his career.

Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on the layout of my portfolio website and my business brand, so I have been researching things along those lines in my classes. Scott had a great video about this subject, and during it he reviewed several photographer’s websites describing what they had done right, and wrong- giving tips about how to build a successful site. At one point, he mentioned that he had hired someone to evaluate his photography website that featured a wide variety of photography, but that his goal was to really promote his sports photography which he was very interested in building up . I was very surprised to hear that, that he was still searching for ways to reach his goals. Here is a man, who is extremely successful in his field, and has built a great business, still searching for ways to realize some of his dreams. I naively thought that he had already accomplished his dreams.

It really set me to thinking. I have always been very motivated, and I hope to build my own successful business. I have always followed my dreams and tried to accomplish them. But, do we ever stop searching for our dreams? As we fulfil the quest for one set of dreams, do we keep replacing it with a quest for new dreams? I guess that is one of the wonderful things about dreaming, sometimes it is just fine to dream, but we have the ability to follow and search for our dreams if we wish.

That search is a prevalent theme in my artwork, I believe that it is an important part of the human psyche, at least it is an important part of mine. That ability to create a world from dreams in my artwork is one of my favorite things about being an artist. If you would like to see my artwork that I featured in this post in a larger resolution, visit my portfolio site at and browse to the Nature Series gallery.

Well, I am off to finish up the last of the football pictures, if you missed my post featuring two of the banners it is three posts back, done on March 18th, called Championship Road 2015. I featured two of the posters that I worked up for them. After football, I get to go back to my conceptual art.

Two and a half more weeks in the boot cast, then I am a free woman! YAY!!!

Until next time,

stay creative and keep dreaming,

Mary Michelle


  1. I second it with “and with great support, anybody can achieve their dreams”. I believe dreams are what keep some of us motivated and looking forward to tomorrow. Best wishes to you and good luck.

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