All ABout a FeelingSo, this has been a long week, and it is only Tuesday!

I have devoted most of my time to finishing up the Championship Run images for the Florida Veterans football team. There ended up being around thirty images at final count. What a great bunch of guys, and they really show an artist a lot of love and appreciation for the work being done. I sure do hope that they make it all the way to the Championships and end with a great big WIN!!

Since last Wednesday, I have been keeping in the back of my mind ideas for my website. I have been searching for the perfect tagline for my business, you know the catchy little saying that personifies your business and the market you are targeting. Like- Just Do It, for Nike. My son goes to Savannah College of Art & Design, and has a minor in Advertising- I run all of my ideas by him, and he obligingly shoots all of them down…

I should just let him Do It- but, this is my baby and I know I can figure it out. I just may be 900 years old when I do.

All of this pondering has really made me focus on some important things about marketing and branding, things I am starting to believe that a creative should never be forced to contemplate, it truly makes your brain start spasming! But, if you want to be succesful, you have to think about those things. They are the whole focus, and purpose behind your creativity. (I am lecturing myself at this point) I used to write a great deal, and I always had trouble writing a synopsis about my work, it is really hard to focus down everything into a few sentences of description. At least, it is hard for me. How do I describe my photography and artwork in three words??

Well, I have narrowed down the focus, my images are all about a feeling. Take the football, for example. There are hundreds of people that take amazing sports shots, some professionally, and some just for a hobby. I really don’t care about the action shot, I will never be featured in Sports Illustrated. I want to capture how that athlete felt at that moment, I want to give them something so that in the future when they look at it- they feel like a superstar. They see themselves as they dreamed that moment happened. They can remember the exhilarating emotion that they felt in the game.

I guess I want to help everyone find their dreams in my images,

because in life it seems that it is all about a feeling.

The image I created for this blog shows my feelings at the moment, I am ALMOST there, I just have to reach out a little more and fight for my dream a little harder, I am just about there…

So, back to my trusty old computer, time to crank out a few more dreams.

creatively yours,

Mary Michelle


  1. What a shot and yes yes yes follow your dream. Your Heart shall directly show you how to get there. No thinking involved … just doing. Let me rephrase that … when you stop figuring out HOW and just start walking out in Faith, the most amazing things happen. Of course there is thinking involved within the doing. (smile) Got it? LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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