Well, you would think that eight weeks off your day job due to a broken ankle would give one tons of time to be creative. And it would, if there wasn’t the distraction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the internet in general, Xfinity and unlimited cable television channels, and the three cutest little Jack Russell/Chihuahuas on the planet begging for your undivided attention. Plus, the pain meds had my thoughts all wonky and made me feel half asleep all the time. But, despite all of this, I have been productive. I redesigned my blog site, and also my portfolio website, so I felt very self- accomplished with that!

My sweet husband took me out last weekend so that I could photograph a football game for the Florida Veterans, he has the patience of a saint. Ā I ended up taking 600 pictures- hopping up and down the grassy field balancing on crutches while holding my right foot off the ground, and trying to focus a camera. I think the crowd got a bigger kick out of laughing at me, than they did in watching the game. You know as a sports photographer, that when the players start getting bigger and bigger in your viewfinder suddenly, they are about to tackle YOU- and you should take IMMEDIATE action, and RUN!! I didn’t take that possibility into account until it actually occurred, so my evasive antics on the field are probably the subject of a video on someone’s social media page about to go viral out there. I am only hoping that no one recognizes me, if it does.

I did get some great shots, and I was really happy with my graphic design of their Championship Run series that I am working on. Soo, it all works out in the long run, even though I had to promise my husband I would take it easy and work from my desk the rest of the week.

I got great news yesterday, my work is going to be featured in various businesses here in Charlotte county, Florida throughout the rest of this year, and they want to book me for next year! I was one thrilled girl to hear that! Now, I just have to decide which pictures to choose.

I have also been studying on my down time, if you guys need a great educational resource is outstanding! I picked up some awesome techniques for post processing, and learned more about special lighting effects which is one of my weak points. It is very worth the money to join this site.

Summer weather is in full swing here in SW Florida, I am loving it!! I am going to try to get out this weekend for another photoshoot, I just haven’t decided where to go- it has to be crutch friendly! Also, I need to remember sunscreen. I have this horrible boot/aircast on my leg that goes all the way up to my knee- and that is going to lead to some ridiculously ugly tan lines that will take all summer to fix!

I took the picture at the beginning of this post at Lover’s Key a week before I broke my ankle. It was mid-morning when I hiked the island, and absolutely gorgeous out there! I could easily envision life on a deserted island- of course in my imagination it is more like an episode of Gilligan’s island than Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Now I just have to decide if I am Mary Ann, or Ginger. . .

See, this is what the pain meds do, lol! I get so distracted.

Well, back to my artwork, hopefully I will have something new to share with you in a few days!


Keep dreaming friends!

Mary Michelle


  1. ~Matthew Heartsound

    I am so very thankful for your visit to my little space, for it has directed me here to yours! What incredible work you do. I do hope your ankle is healing and not to painful for you. Many blessings to you my new friend and may loves light always shine brightly on you. Peace ~Matthew

  2. Matthew, you are such an absolute sweetheart. You took the time to truly look into my world here, and to enjoy it. You are a very special soul, and I am the one who is blessed by meeting you. I am looking forward to taking time to go through your blog. Love and big hugs, to new friendships!

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