Have you ever taken a wrong turn?

Of course you have,

it has happened to us all at some point or another.

I lay in my bed, listening to the night sounds,

waiting to cross through the veil that leads

to the land between asleep and awake.

Mentally shaking off the day’s events, both good and bad,

I patiently wait to resume my journey.

Drowsing, my mind filters through the memories of the day.

Mundane routines, boorish encounters, and lackluster events

blend together in an unappetizing soup of existence.

Still, I wait to cross over, it is just beyond my reach.

I can hear it, the room fades as I slip into sleep,

the sounds of nature grow louder.

Sunlight filters through the thin skin of my closed eyelids

mere seconds before I open them.

I am still in the rugged mountainscape,

standing on a rocky dirt road

that snakes around the terrain,

a hairpin curve to my right sweeps around a

sinister ravine thousands of feet deep.

The sound of an old motor struggling to stay alive

grows louder with each second.

It is the Hunter,

my pulse starts to race,

perhaps running from him is a mistake.

He clearly has power here,

while I still struggle to find myself in this place.

The other that I have felt is still far away,

chasing his own dreams, I fear.

Squaring my shoulders, I make my stand,

turning to face the oncoming vehicle

with its mad occupant.

Is this a wise choice,

or simply another wrong turn?


**                              **                                   **


This image is a conceptual composite of seven different photographs that I took in Colorado, Florida, and my studio.

I started this blog to feature my digital conceptual art, to give it background and depth. I have been asked to flesh out the story, that people want more from the actual story. My main love is my artwork, and my photography, but writing is a close third behind them, so I am going to give it the old college try.

With that said, hopefully, in the next post or so, I will delve deeper into the story of Lyssa, and the dream world. Bear with me, this is an endeavor from the heart.

I hope that your upcoming week is blessed with happiness, friends and family, and of course awesome dreams.

Mary Michelle


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