Off of the Solitary Path


The barren, solitary path ends,

its rocky trail leading you to a quiet meadow

that is ruffled by a brisk mountain breeze.

The tall grasses sway beneath its caress,

responding to its enticement.

It is bringing change,

you can feel it, yet, it does not herald

whether or not the change is for good or evil.

The soft grass cushions your steps,

your bare feet embracing the moist coolness

as you make your way forward.

You walk through the Dream World,

alone, at least for the moment,

your gaze searches the horizon,

but all you see are endless purple peaks

that stretch away forever.

Your dress billows in the wind,

the fabric developing a will of its own,

wrapping you in a cloud of soft, gauzy silk.

Strangely, the scent of salt air wafts through the meadow,

you stop, eyes closed and inhale it deeply into your lungs.

The sound of waves weaves a melody through the sound of the wind,

trails of goosebumps race along your spine as you open your eyes.

Someone comes, perhaps several, from the sea.

You straighten your shoulders,

and collect your skirt in your hand as you resume your journey.


**                                                  **                                                    **


So, we are back with our original dream walker, Lyssa, as she makes her way through the Dream World. She senses the journey of her hero, Trevor, and that of the villainous Hunter. Even with that being said, she does not know how to prepare for their arrival so she simply moves forward.

I have really enjoyed creating all of these composites, and the tale that follows the images. I hope that it has provided entertainment for all of you.


This image is a mix of five different images that I took in Colorado, Northern California, and in my studio. If your are new to this blog, please go to the oldest post in the menu to the left and start this journey from the beginning.

I hope that your dreams have been fascinating and exciting, and that the next week is kind to you in the wakened world around you. Until next time,


Sweet Dreams,

Mary Michelle




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