Sailing on the Sea of Dreams


There is only a deep silence,

with the occasional crescendo of the wind

as it fills the sails that tower above you.

Breathtaking majesty surrounds the ship,

stretching to the very ends of the horizon.

There are no thoughts that fill your mind,

you simply experience the ride in awe.

Crisp, chilled air supports the ship,

misty contrails left behind in the disturbed clouds as you sail past.

There is no sense of good or evil in this solitary place,

just peace, a respite from the harsh realities of the world.


**                                              **                                                    **


Welcome back to the story of my Dream World. I really loved creating this image, what a crazy ride this would be! It is a composite of three of my own images taken in Savannah, Georgia (of the magnificent old sailing ships), Northern California, and in my studio with the model.


I created the clouds, and stars in Photoshop, the flying rope, along with building the rest of the ship was from the photo that I took in the thumbnail above.

I hope that all is well for you in life, and in the Dream World,

until next time,

Sweet Dreams,

Mary Michelle Scott



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