The Hunter stands,

silent and still,

the tails of his leather trench coat

whipping around his legs.

He studies the ship as it sails away,

briskly riding on the clouds

in the Sea of Dreams.

The ocean breeze carries the salt air

into the evening sky,

its sound muffles the call of sea birds

as they lift above the crashing waves.

He smiles, a hard, sly expression

that never reaches his cold eyes.

Innocence is such a wonderful thing,

he thinks, balancing a glowing orb

with his left hand.

It is a trap,

to imprison the souls of dreamers.

He flutters his fingers

and the orb begins to spin,

the smile finally reaches his eyes.

Soon, he thinks,

he will be led straight to Lyssa

by her hero.

They would both be his.


**                          **                         **


Another moment in the Dream World. I hope that you are enjoying my artwork and my story. If you are new to this, please go to the oldest post and follow the story from the beginning. It is late here, so I too am going to enter the Dream World.

Until next time,

Sweet Dreams

Mary Michelle Scott




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