Crossing the Sea of Dreams



In this sacred land where we fight for our innermost desires

and seek to defeat our monsters,

the lad steps forth in a mindset of determination,

chasing his muse.

Our hero searches for the lady that inspires his soul to share its beauty.

Maybe, not so much a lad,

but a man full of dreams and passion.

From the last dream of balancing on a wire,

with the temptress’s gift floating before him,

goading him on with her promises,

he pushes onward,

leaving the magical Square filled with laughter

and other dreamers behind.


The ship settles restlessly as his steps echo across her deck,

misty clouds drape her surface,

their feather light touch caresses his face.

The slick surface shimmers,

reflecting his soul and illuminating his path.

With a deep breath, and a long sigh,

a shuddering ripple goes through the ship,

old wood creaking and complaining with the effort.

The tropical winds pick up,

the clouds part and the ship rises.

He grasps the coarse rope swinging close by,

his hands stinging as it rushes through his grasp,

then tightening his grip he faces into the wind,

balancing himself as the ship sails,

following the burning phoenix as it leads the way.

In the waking world,

his search for her has led to many false leads,

their desire clouding the reality that they are not her.

Despair tinges the edges of his reality,

what if it is not ever meant to be…

The beauty that she inspires within his soul

allows creations of wonder,

and yes,

of dreams.

The search goes on,

across the trail of the sun,

and slightly behind the moon.

She is there,

he can feel her just a few breaths ahead.

Maybe, he wonders,

it is the chase that is his true inspiration.


**                               **                                  **


Again, thank-you so much for visiting. This image was so much fun to create. It consists of 5 different images that I took in Key West, Savannah, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. The middle bird on the top row is the phoenix image I created from the 2 bird pictures on either side of it. I took it farther in the final image, giving it life as a burning phoenix.

Sea of Dreams images


Will you see the ship pass when you watch a fiery sunset, as our hero searches for his muse? Perhaps, if you are one of the lucky ones. Or, even better, you will ride the magnificent ship on an even more fascinating journey in your own dreams.

Sweet Dreams,

Mary Michelle





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