They enter into your life as easily as they leave,

escaping into the atmosphere of your dream.

Crisp, thin mountain air moves around you,

leaving a trail of chilled skin in its passing.

You watch, as a forever moment floats past,

longing to be deeper in that moment,

to feel the presence of those leaving,

one last time.

The stars a glittering backdrop in the darkening sky,

emphasizes the silhouettes of those before it.

Silence, deeply fills the spaces around you,

it leaves you empty, searching for something as yet unknown.

Sinking into the sparse brittle grass, you sigh.

A trace of despair weaves though the breath as it escapes,

punctuating the night with pain.

Wrapping your arms tightly around your raised knees,

you gaze out into the darkness,

pondering fate as you speak to the moon.

“Where is he, Old Man Moon?”

Your words slip out, quietly entering this solitary space, you wait patiently.

His presence brushes your thoughts, a mutual need, he searches also.

Lowering your chin until it rests upon your knees,

you study the silvery moon and wait,


**                                                 **                                                  **

Dedicated to Don Lazarus. Fly high sweet man, you will be sorely missed. My heart aches from your loss.

While working on this image, I was inspired by Jose Gonzalaz’s song Stay Alive performed by a wonderful artist Lilly Ahlberg who posted this video to youtube. I thought you would enjoy it as much as I did, so I am including it here with full credits to both artists for their awesome work. The above image is a composite of 7 images, they are all my work except for the hot air balloon which is a stock image. I hope that you like it.


Mary Michelle




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