Solitary Path


Within the evening mists you walk along a solitary path,

climbing upward, from your place of sanctuary.

The air thins, the cool moisture chills your exposed skin.

Through the fog you vaguely glimpse the vast scene

that spreads out before you.

It is silent in this lonely space,

nature’s cathedral surrounds you, dwarfing you in its majesty.

And still you climb, beckoned forward by your dreams, in search of answers.


**                                                      **                                                                **



This image is comprised of only three different images all of which I photographed myself.

One from Northern California, one from Colorado, and one taken in my studio.

I fell in love with the misty scene from California, and I have been looking forward to using it for a while.


I am including the images that I used, so that you can get a sense of the behind the scene work in my composites.

images used

I hope that you are enjoying my work.

Mary Michelle


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