Ascension from Sanctum

Ascension from Sanctum

Leaving the Hunter’s Den behind,

the cobbled path takes us to a hidden sanctuary.

The lush grass and still peacefulness

tempts us with the cool embrace

of a time with no accountability.

A Sanctum of the soul.

With eyes closed,

you can breathe in the beauty,

it washes over you in erotic waves

touching the core of your spirit,

and releasing the ties that bind you to a physical plane.

As you feel the last vestiges of reality wash away,

your thoughts turn to the staircase,

the one that leads up,

to a place that you know awaits your return.

The place where your inner demons roam.

You must ascend, and face them.

Just not yet, . . .


**                                                       **                                                        **


My Dream World series is slowly evolving into places that I would love to be in

during my dreams. To create these places, I imagine a scene that follows the

idea of my Dream World. Then I slowly piece together a landscape,

and fantasy world from my library of photography that I have taken

over the last ten years. I guess I have become an image sculptor,

manipulating photographs to evolve to a digital painting of sorts.

There were seven images involved in the production of this final image,

taken in Florida and Georgia.

I hope that you can find peace in this sanctuary, as I do.

I took approximately  12 hours to finish this piece.

The photography was a blast-

because I get to hike through some gorgeous areas collecting images

that inspire my imagination to discover

the hidden worlds within each photograph.


Mary Michelle


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