Beyond th Falls



The night breeze teases your body while you are suspended within sleep.

velvety darkness supports you, as you slowly ascend.

With your eyes almost closed,

you vaguely watch your dim surroundings slowly shift as you pass,

too scared to acknowledge the reality of your flight, in fear that it might end,

or that you might awaken.

The icy spray of the falls sends chills along your skin, but you dare not respond,

lest you lose the dream.

You can smell the storm on the horizon,

it tickles the inside of your nose with its fresh scent.

Nothing can touch you in this moment where you are existing,

the time that lies in between asleep and awake.

This is a sacred place, a sanctuary that allows you to find yourself.


**                                                                                            **                                                                                         **


This image was a challenge for me, perhaps it was just where I was mentally as I worked on it. I hope that you enjoy it, and that your week is going well.

Mary Michelle


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