The Hunter’s Den



The crumbling tower walls rise before you reaching up to an ominously darkening sky. Tangled ivy fights for purchase in the ancient stone of the fortress.

Drinking in the thick scent of the old abandoned meadow that has gone wild from neglect, you creep forward fighting off the stickers and mosquitoes.

The sharp sound of crickets fill the air as you slowly approach the forbidding structure, masking the sound of your footsteps in the dry brush.

A heavy unseen mantle of menace weighs down upon your back, sending fear deep into your shoulder blades and slowly your progress falters.


He knows that we are coming.

Unconcerned, the Hunter waits, accompanied by his prisoner trapped within the ether of an ancient glass, a lovely firefly in a crystal jar.

His dark thoughts are on capturing his next prisoner, to add to his collection of dreamers. We are of no concern to him at this moment, he knows that there is no threat from us.

He is confidant that we would make excellent additions to his collection of dreamers.

The Sentinel watches over the Hunter, and his prey, studying the dark presence before him.

Is the beast true to Lyssa, or is he simply leading her deeper into the Hunter’s trap?

We shall see.



**                                                           **                                                               **


Welcome back to my story. For those who are new here, this blog is about my artwork and photography. The images here are 100 % my own photography and creations. I create composites building fantasy worlds using my photographs. This blog allows me to tell the story behind the images, and my thoughts on the pieces.

This image is of the Hunter in his den. The poor girl is the dreamer that he captured to use as bait for dragons in my previous image “Hunting Dragons”. Now she is a beautiful specimen trapped within the Hunter. The cat is the Sentinel from an earlier image “Sentinel at the Bridge of Dreams”. I hope that you are enjoying this journey. I am including some of the images that I used to build this image.



Well, until next time, I hope that your dreams are vivid and exciting. If you are not a lucid dreamer, try to take off the adult blinders and find your way back to the dream world. It is a truly amazing adventure!

Sweet dreams,

Mary Michelle

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