Mountain Falls

MOUNTAIN FALLS reworked for webShould we wake her?

Perhaps, we should.

The Falls are approaching.

**                         **                          **


The pillow of icy water supporting you invigorates your spirit,

while the deep caress of the sun’s heat flows over you, finding every dip and hollow of your body.

Eyes closed, you float along, a feeling of absolute freedom envelopes you as birdsong and the sound of moving water eases you deeper into total bliss.

Faraway thunder, warns of an eventual storm.

The scent of it charges the air, calling you back from your respite,

but there is still plenty of time before it arrives.

Your makeshift boat tilts, slowly falling apart, yet onward you drift, unconcerned, the water undulating beneath you.

For now, your dream is peaceful, exhilarating,

there are no inhibitions or concerns,

only total release.

No one is watching.


**                    **                          **

This image was a tough one. It is a composite of 8 different photographs all taken by me in Colorado, Northern California, and Florida. At one point, I thought I was going to have to scrap it and start all over, after already discarding a previous choice for the sky. But, it all finally fell into place, and here we are again. If you would like to view this image at a higher resolution, visit my gallery site at and look at the DreamWorld gallery.

For now, Allysa is sort of safe, at least from the Hunter.

But, she may truly learn how to fly in the dreamworld once she goes over those falls.

Speaking of the Hunter, it is past time to check on his activities, perhaps I can report on that next time.

If I can find him.

Here are the images used in the final image, I hope that you are enjoying this journey,


Until next time,

Sweet dreams.


Now, off to find the Hunter,

wish me luck.

Mary Michelle


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