The River

The River Dream

And, like a movie reel that catches, jerking the image on the screen before you, your reality shifts.

Tower, knight, and path have vanished; their images a memory now, along with their menace.

You gently float on a current that leads to the river’s bend ahead. The beasts of the forest watch as you pass, their eyes curious and yet knowing.

The dampness beneath you on the lily pad’s slick surface uncomfortable, yet you are unable to shift, your fear of the dark water and its inhabitants holding you in place on your fragile boat.

Other than the sound of flowing water, frogs, and distant birds; it is a silent world, oppressively so, as the eyes follow your progress, their owners still as you pass.

You wonder, are they watching for the Hunter, marking your flight for future capture? Or, are they merely hungry, for entertainment, and a possible meal.

So, onward you float, waiting for the next adventure to begin, keeping all body parts tucked neatly in to prevent any interaction with the wildlife.

                            **                           **                            **

Thank-you for continuing on this journey with me. I have really enjoyed creating these images of Allysa’s Dream World, and telling their stories.

If you are new to this blog, please visit my first post where the story and the images begin, and follow this tale from the beginning. As a photographer, digital and conceptual artist, this project has been a great deal of work, but also an enormous amount of fun. It has allowed me to introduce the viewer to the story behind the images.

This image composite consists of nine different images, all photographed in Florida. In this post I am including all of the images that I incorporated into this composite.

The River Dream imagesI hope that you are enjoying this journey, I certainly am! I am looking forward to our next adventure, and new dreams.

Thank-you for stopping by, and until next time,

Sweet Dreams,

Mary Michelle


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