Barring the Way

Barring the Way

Your feet tangle in the sheets,

and as you twist trying to free them, you desperately fight to hang on to the dream.

The memory of feeling the rough tree bark as you sat in the silvery moonlight, watching the dancing dolphins play in the bayou, slowly fades into the dark reality of your bedroom. The salty scent of the bayou still fills your senses.

The serene beauty fades away as you thrash,

anger and sorrow replace the peacefulness.

You realize it has finally slipped away, and that in the morning you will probably never remember being there.

Kicking your feet loose from the confines of the sheets, you lay back, the cool air from the fan sliding over your heated body.

Frustration distracts you from the stillness of the night. You turn onto your side searching for a fresh cool spot on your pillow, then slowly sink back into the dreamworld hoping to return to your last destination.

The scent of saltwater welcomes you. Breathing in deeply you savor the moment of return knowing that you are back.

Anticipation of returning to the secret bayou floods through your thoughts, you open your eyes to the sight of a river flowing gently before a marble tower. Your gaze turns from this sight to the path that you are on. Tropical foliage once again surrounds you, and as you turn you are met with the fiery gaze of an angry knight who is staring at you from the back of his huge mount. The horse simply looks at you with a sense of sorrow and pity.

Dread floods through you, a heavy sense of doom ominously thickens the air, and you struggle to breathe in the now steamy air that surrounds you.

He is here for you.

Fighting the hypnosis that has you frozen, you watch as he raises his arm toward the tower and simply points away from the path.

Fearing that this reprieve will not last, you step toward the bank of the murky river. What beasts lie beneath its surface? Slowly, not looking back, you wade in, reaching for the huge lily pads floating in the water.

Perhaps, you could climb onto one and float down the river escaping the Hunter.

As this thought flows through your thoughts, you spy your original guide on the far bank, his golden eyes solemnly watching your struggle.

                  **                                     **                                         **

Welcome back to my Dream World. I hope you are enjoying this journey. If you are new to my blog, I hope that you go to the menu and start reading this story from the beginning.

I loved working on this image. This digital artwork is a composition comprised of 8 different photos that I have taken. Then I piece parts of them together to create the image. Creating worlds that I dream of in my imagination is so much fun, and the fact that I can share them with you is even more fun. To view all of my images at high resolution and a larger size visit my website at

All dreams begin somewhere, hopefully yours are incredible!

Sweet Dreams,

Mary Michelle


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