Dream Hunter

I am the one that hunts, the one who feeds on fears. Sweet Alysa, I am coming for you.

I am the one that hunts, the one who feeds on fears. Sweet Alysa, I am coming for you.

The Hunter becomes active.

The Hunter starts searching the dreamworld, distracted from his own personal pastimes, when Alyssa enters the dream world. He senses her innocence and feeds off of it. Although this is not her first time here, it is different now, she is aware of the dreams, and that changes everything.

With a sly sense of anticipation, he knows that the game has begun.

Cautiously, he reminds himself that he must play his hand with finesse, for if he manages to capture her soul in the dream world his powers there will increase, and she will remain by his side forever. A lovely firefly trapped in the jar of the dreamworld…

As Alyssa steps off of the Bridge of Dreams, a ripple of unease prickles the soft skin behind her neck, she brushes at the sensation, and then straightening her back, determinedly steps out onto the soft dirt of the path.

This is her adventure, she thinks, taking another step.

Everyone knows that you can control your own dreams, right?

The Hunter smiles, the game has now truly begun.


This portrait is a single image, The model was a little reluctant to be cast as a villain, but once the initial unease passed, he fell into the part with joyous abandon. The resulting photo shoot was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of great shots that I can’t wait to share with you.

I am looking forward to meeting up with you again here in this quiet place, the dreams are not being patient they want to be published faster, but I am trying to keep them on a slow pace. They seem to be creating themselves on my monitor, I am simply a conduit.

Until next time,

Sweet Dreams

Mary Michelle

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