Hunting Dragons

The Dream Hunter awaits his dragon capture

The Dream Hunter awaits his dragon capture

Sometimes, it is not good to be right.

The scratching in the Portal was real.

One never knows when entering the portal in the Hidden Grotto, about the location of where you will exit the portal. It is purely up to the dream world’s discretion, and it has been known to have a dysfunctional sense of humor. The portal can dump you out anywhere in the dream world. It took me a little searching, but I finally found the exit. Luckily, for me, there was a thick, damp mist that kept me hidden in its wet embrace.

Do you remember your dark dreams? The ones that leave you shaken and afraid, unwilling to leave any body part exposed from beneath the covers that lie heavily upon your trembling, sweat-soaked body? The ones you wake from  abruptly, heart hammering, breaths ragged and shallow, moments before the dream takes you to a point of no return? You know the ones I am talking about, with a villain that hunts you, forcing you to face your deepest, innermost fears.

He is the Dream Hunter, he takes on many guises, yet he inspires the same vile dread in us all when we are deeply ensnared in the grip of our nightmares.

As usual, he is up to no good, he has kidnapped a poor, young soul to entice dragons while he hides within the portal’s shadows. The victim, aware of the danger she is in, looks to the skies, anticipating the brutal escape from her chains.

Beyond the ridge, hidden in the mist, the dragon awaits, plotting his next move.

I hope that you are enjoying my art, and my thoughts behind the art. I am really enjoying our time here, it is like meeting an illicit lover, a guilty pleasure that I savor, always anticipating our next meeting. This image took a little while to produce, being a composite of eight different images that I either photographed, or illustrated myself. It was important to me, to introduce the villain in a way that showed his humanity, and also his manipulative dark side. I wasn’t going to bring in the dragons this early, but they were impatient and left me no choice in the matter.

Well, the daily afternoon Florida thunderstorms are moving in, so I am going to shut things down here for a while,

until next time,

sweet dreams!

Mary Michelle


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