Sentinel at the Bridge of Dreams

The dream world awaits.

The dream world awaits.

The cool embrace of the pillow linen soothes your flushed cheek, the scent of jasmine softly tickles your nose from the morning wash.
Lush darkness tempts your mind with a sense of contentment, as it seeks release from the day.

You stretch your shoulders, arching your spine, reaching with your toes, until you feel the foot board of the bed, solid and unyielding, and still you push against it, letting the stress of the day fill your tensed muscles, building until you tremble, your whole body tight, waiting. With a deep inhalation, you hold it in, filling your lungs until they burn. Then, slowly you exhale, while relaxing your body, all of the day’s tensions, and toxicity flowing out of your muscles.

Lying there, the soft sheet slowly settles down around your now relaxed body, filling in at the hollows, tickling your skin softly, its touch feather light. The shrouding cocoon protectively eases you deeper into the night, as you seek the veil of sleep, the world of dreams.

Hypnotic, slow breaths pull you in deeper; reality recedes, spiraling away into thick nothingness. You drink in the night air slowly, aware of it as it slips down into your lungs, only to return seconds later in a slow, warm exhalation. There are no thoughts, other than a simple fading away.

For most, this is where the adult blinders appear. The journey is filed away in a subconscious void, forgotten.

Just past the veil, the darkness recedes, light slowly surrounds you, a thick white mist slowly thins as you walk, revealing the Bridge of Dreams. Still, not deeply asleep, your mind questions this reality, this world that is filled with color, light and shadows, that seems to stretch into forever.

Your sentinel waits for your decision to proceed, his intentions are not obvious,
you feel a prickle of doubt about stepping off the bridge onto the path.
The horizon infinitely stretches out before you, lined by the ancient Live Oaks.

Still, just focusing on your breathing, not wanting to lose the tenuous grip on this world, you step forward…

I loved working on this image, it is a composite of 5 different photographs that I took in different locations.
The model is a wonderful friend who works with me often. It took approximately two weeks to finish, and it seems that I still look at it and want to tweak it. I hope that you enjoy it, and I look forward to posting the next step of this journey.
I think I hear scratching within the hidden Grotto, I think someone is coming through the hidden Portal. Visitors from this entrance are truly tenacious for they totally understand the dream world, and its opportunities.
I will check and see,
until next time,
Mary Michelle

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