The Fiery Tail Portal

Portal in the Hidden Grotto


Do you remember how you saw the world as a child?

The wonderful dreams of fairies, monsters, and epic journeys to fantastical places.

Then, there were the horrific tales of witches, clowns, demons, fiends, gypsies, and things that waited underneath your bed to slide their claws around the ankle that you left out from beneath the bed clothes, to snatch you away to a netherworld of fear.

Follow me back to that land that we have almost forgotten. The world that created our true psyche, a place of dreams, thrills, and fears. I want to remove the adult blinders, and take you back to that insanely beautiful kingdom that is so full of wonders. I want to tell you stories of that world and I also want to share the images that I have from that place. It is not make believe, it is simply a suppressed memory, as we enter a world ruled by responsibility, and political correctness. The artwork is all of my own work, revealing the world around us without blinders.

Do you remember the dream?

The one where you stood alone outside at night, naive and trusting in the moonlight, where you take in a painfully deep breath of the cool, crisp night air, its frosty silvered essence branding its mark into your body, you hold it captive in your lungs savoring the magic, as you feel the darkness of the night swirl intimately around the skin of your child body, you reach thin, adolescent arms up to the silvery moon and exhale slowly, the magic of the night released as you commit yourself to believing in the fairy tales, the Fiery Tails that could take you to the most mysterious places.

Then, with a slight hitch to your reality, and a jolting thrill of release, you feel the soles of your feet leave the ground. Shocked, and yet trusting, you embrace the brisk, cold sweeping air of the night that slides along your body, lifting you above the misty, earthiness that was the anchor of your existence. You slide into an ethereal beauty, defined by a weightlessness, flying.

The deep, powerful pull of majestic freedom, the release of fear as you dive to the earth, and then bank, pulling up sharply thrilling in the danger, and exulting in the magnificence of true freedom. The cold reality of no boundaries fills your lungs as you accelerate through the atmosphere, tears fill your eyes as you try to absorb, and memorize the landscape of the heavens, because you know in that childish reality, that adulthood will banish the reality of this experience. Follow me, remember the visions that filled your childhood dreams, and cross through the portal to re-embrace the reality of those dreams.

It is real, as adults- we lose the ability to revisit this place, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still there, awaiting our return.

Let me be your sentinel, your guide, it is a dangerous journey, but still, it is a magnificent undertaking that cannot be denied.

Let me show you the Fiery Tail, the land of our dreams, that really isn’t just a dream, it is a part of our deep subconscious, a past history of deeds both magnificent, heroic and fierce, that awaits freedom, to recreate our reality and to help us fulfill a destiny.

I really loved working on this image. I worked on it for several months because it just would not come together as I saw it in my imagination. Finally, I got it to work! It is a composite of four images, and I created the rain and the water effects myself. It is one of my favorite private places. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!
Until next time,
Mary Michelle


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  2. Stacy Holder

    You are truly an amazing woman. The picture with the story brought tears to my eyes and raised the hair on my arms and neck. Very beautiful, and yes very true. Thank you.

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